Pinched Nerves

What is a pinched nerve?
A pinched nerve can more correctly be described as a compressed nerve. Any amount of pressure on a nerve can trigger an exaggerated response, including... burning, tingling, throbbing, pain, numbness... the list goes on and on.

Chiropractic can help! Chiropractic is all about helping nerves function the way they are supposed to. Some people are mistakenly led to believe there is little you can do to help a pinched nerve. In order to make a correct diagnosis, we need to examine your situation very carefully; but a pinched nerves are a complaint we work with daily. As with anything in health care, there are limitations to the body's healing process.

Once diagnosed with a pinched nerve time is crucial for a successful recovery. So DO NOT delay in getting in to our office to have this checked out. If it is left untreated for too long the affects can be devastating and possibly permanent.