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wellnessWellness chiropractic care is unique to each patient's individual situation. Since chiropractic helps promote your body healing itself, we support that process. Once we have achieved health, it makes sense to keep that balance.

Here at Van Til Chiropractic, we have patients who come in anywhere from one visit per week to one visit per month for their wellness care. It is a proactive service we provide for patients seeking to maintain wellness.

Here are some common wellness questions:

Once I get adjusted do I need to continue getting adjusted?

Receiving chiropractic care never makes your body require more chiropractic care. Just like exercise: if you discontinue care your progress is not lost, but the great feelings you may have achieved by improving your health may be missed.

Who can receive wellness care?

Anyone can receive wellness care. If someone is currently working through a particular symptom(s), they need to resolve that first and then we can talk about maintaining wellness.

Why is it important to get wellness care?

The truth of it is that symptoms are just the tip of the iceberg. By receiving wellness care we can stay ahead of any potential problems you may have and help keep you feeling great!!!

These are a few of the most frequently asked questions wellness care at Van Til Chiropractic. If you have additional questions or need more information about any of the questions listed here, please feel free to contact us, we would be happy to answer any of your questions!