Neck Pain

Why is my neck hurting me?!
If you are experiencing neck pain, you know all too well what is feels like to have limited range of motion and function in your neck. Neck pain can lead to severe headaches as well as middle back pain. When someone is experiencing neck pain, they often have a lot of muscle tension. Because you are in pain, your brain is trying to "guard" that area of your body, hence your muscles tighten which limits your range of motion.


Neck pain is usually caused by a nerve or nerves that are being hindered by the vertebrae in your neck not being in proper alignment. In some cases, neck pain can be caused by arthritis. Stiffness, pain, limited range of motion and decreased function are symptoms of the restricted nerve and/or the misalignment of the cervical vertebrae.

 What can help me?!
Chiropractic has an amazing success rate with neck pain. Adjustments can help solve the misalignment of the vertebrae and thus help with the nerve restriction.

Who can help me?!
We can!! At Van Til Chiropractic you will receive personalized attention to your neck issues. We will be honest with you concerning your prognosis.